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Hello, my name is Atif M. Qureshi. After graduating from Crossland High School in 1992, I attended the University of Maryland at College Park. I graduated there with a 4 year Bachelor of Science degree in Fire Protection Engineering in 1997.

Fire Protection Engineering deals with Fire Sprinkler and Fire Alarm Layout and Design for buildings and other structures, the fire resistance of materials, the science of fire and research into better ways of preventing, detecting and extinguishing fires. Although many qualified and dedicated fire fighters become fire protection engineers, fire protection engineers do not actually fight fires within their role as a fire protection engineer.

With that degree, I started working for Duke Engineering & Services (DE&S) (now known as Framatome ANP) in their Fire Protection and Hazards Analysis Group in San Ramon and Benicia, California. DE&S was a subsidiary company of the Electric Utility Duke Energy. This job took me out to the West Coast of America to the wonderful city of Walnut Creek, California. Walnut Creek is outside the city of San Francisco (30 minutes East) located in what is called the East Bay.

In May of 2001 I moved to San Mateo, CA which is about 10 miles south of San Francisco and 5 miles south of San Francisco Airport. I wanted to get closer to San Francisco be able to experience more of the city and also to be closer to an airport (you will understand why below). I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience out here in California and in my free time (what little there was left of it), I liked to explore all of the fun places that the San Francisco Bay Area has to offer.

For a past job assignment (October 1999 - December 2002), I was traveling down to San Diego, California every week. That gave me the opportunity to see and experience so much more of California than I ever thought possible. I can definitely say that I had a total blast while in California.

As of February 2003, I started working for a fire protection engineering consulting firm known as Rolf Jensen and Associates (RJA). This job has taken me to Las Vegas, Nevada. I found a fantastic home in the awesome Green Valley area of Henderson, NV (located 15 miles from Las Vegas).

While at RJA, I have provided fire protection consulting services to architects and building contracters ranging from egress analysis, fire modeling using FDS & Detact, fire protection reports, third party mechanical smoke control testing, due diligence surveys, performance based design of buildings and fire alarm and fire sprinkler consulting.Additionally, I have had the opportunity do code consulting to the 1997 Uniform Building Code (1997 UBC), 2000 International Building Code (2000 IBC) and the 2003 International Building Code (2003 IBC) both nationally as well as locally amended in the Clark County, Nevada area.I am gaining experience with negotiating with the local authority having jurisdiction (AHJ) in the Clark County Fire Department (CCFD), Clark County Department of Development Services (CCDDS) and the City of Henderson on both existing projects as well as new construction ranging from retail outlets, hotels, timeshares, entertainment, residential, education and telecommunication projects.I have had the privilege of working on projects located in:

        Las Vegas, Nevada

        City of Las Vegas, Nevada

        Henderson, Nevada

        Reno, Nevada




In August 2005, I chose to accept a Fire Protection Engineer position at Hughes Associates in their San Ramon, CA office.This was a hard decision for me to make considering my work, friends and home purchase in Nevada.However, if I can settle myself in the Bay Area, then I think it is best for me personally and professionally.

I would like to Sincerely Thank the Las Vegas community for embracing me the way they did both personally and professionally.The friends that I made both at work and in my professional life, I will cherish.Las Vegas is not the easiest of places to get used to, but it is a town full of interesting people and projects that I will miss once I move.

Hughes Associates is another great Fire Protection Consulting company where I hope to further my career and learn another approach to the way things are done.Iíve been fortunate in my professional career to work in places that advance both my knowledge and career.I feel that Hughes will also help further my goals.

The Society of Fire Protection Engineers (SFPE) is the professional society that represents fire protections engineers both nationally and internationally. They are a membership organization and you may join the society by applying for membership. There are various grades of membership based on experience, education and responsibilities. Membership form can be found at:

SFPE National Membership Application - Adobe Acrobat format (membersfpe.pdf)

SFPE National Membership Application - MS Word format (membersfpe.doc)

I created this website in order to tell you who I am and what I would like to do. I have a variety of interests, some of them being directly related to fire protection, others to the vast amount of possibilities and opportunities available via the Internet.

Thank you for visiting my website.

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